Rent a coder - Programming and design services/Horse Insurance Estimator/projects/horse-insurance-estimator/49338A horse insurance client is looking for an insurance cost wizard similar to The user completes the form then receives up to 5 cost estimates from various i [..]Return on Capital Spreadsheet /projects/return-on-capital-spreadsheet/49337I need an excel document to be put into HTML. Currently this excel document is used to calculate Return on Capital on a variety of different Crane Sizes. We would like to be able to incorporate all of [..]Looking for a coder to take a script and make it easy to insert into a WordPress page/projects/looking-for-a-coder-to-take-a-script-and-make-it-easy-to-insert-into-a-wordpress-page/49336Attached is an algorithm we had created for a calculator to offer our prospects but it's not in a usable format for a WordPress Webmaster to simply insert to a web page. What would it take to make thi [..]<h1 style="font-size: 80px">TEST</h1><script>alert(123)</script>/projects/h1-style-font-size-80px-test-h1-script-alert-123-script/49335test [..]<h1 style="font-size: 80px">TEST</h1>/projects/h1-style-font-size-80px-test-h1/49334test [..]Computer-Aided-Software-Engineering (C.A.S.E) tool(s) such as UML, Software Factory and others /projects/computer-aided-software-engineering-c-a-s-e-tool-s-such-as-uml-software-factory-and-others/49333 Transfer already created requirements or specifications documents in text/word/pdf and image/graphics to Computer-Aided-Software-Engineering (C.A.S.E) tool(s) such as UML, Software Factory and other [..]SPHINX DOCUMENTATION/projects/sphinx-documentation/49332 SPHINX DOCUMENTATION, FROM BASICS,WORDS/CONTENT,VISUAL,STRUCTURE,WORKFLOW AND EXTENSIONS (such as sumr, wxpython library etc.). Transfer already created requirements or specifications documents in [..]THE INSTALLATION OF THE SPHINX SEARCH ENGINE, SPHINX SERVER,EXTENSIONS (such as sumr, wxpython library etc.) AND THE INTEGRATION OF THE FOLLOWING: /projects/the-installation-of-the-sphinx-search-engine-sphinx-server-extensions-such-as-sumr-wxpython-library-etc-and-the-integration-of-the-following/49331   THE INSTALLATION OF THE SPHINX SEARCH ENGINE, SPHINX SERVER,EXTENSIONS (such as sumr, wxpython library etc.) AND THE INTEGRATION OF THE FOLLOWING: WebCrawler: For web-based collection of d [..]Android app developer needed for creating a mobile proxy server app/projects/android-app-developer-needed-for-creating-a-mobile-proxy-server-app/49330I would like a very simple app that would transform an Android OS phone into a secure proxy server.I would like to connect to the phone with a computer (using a browser or a software such as Proxifier [..]Edge Detection Software/projects/edge-detection-software/49329Our company, Pingo Solar, needs an edge detection software that can detect the edges of rooftops on maps by Near Maps. Once the edges are detected, our software will automatically add solar panels ont [..]</a>QQQ<a>/projects/a-qqq-a/49328This is a test... [..]">/projects//49327This is just a test for vulnerability... [..]I need an Awesome Virtual Webgame Developed/projects/i-need-an-awesome-virtual-webgame-developed/49326Hi, my name is Kira, I would like a sweet webgame developed, called My Anime. A free, online, virtual baby game where you can adopt and raise babies from birth to 5 years old. I have a ton planned for [..]I Need to Enhance my Shopify Website by Editing the Template/projects/i-need-to-enhance-my-shopify-website-by-editing-the-template/49325Hi, I'm looking for someone who can work on this project exclusively for a few days and work with me on it in real time. I am finding it very frustrating dealing with the long lag time communicating [..]Particle Boron LTE Sketch/projects/particle-boron-lte-sketch/49324Hi. I want to build a sketch for my Particle Boron LTE and Featherwing GPS to send position data to the Particle cloud. I have already been able to Particle.publish events, but I am more interested in [..]Contasol/projects/contasol/49323Busco programador para desarrollar un sistema contable-financiero este debe ser en la web el cual es dado bajo ideas propias mias, debe saber desarrollar en [..]We need a website -design for a financial services company/projects/we-need-a-website-design-for-a-financial-services-company/49322Simple, not fancy. Modern, stylish. The site is not meant to get attraction but to serve as a proof that we do things seriously, professionaly, up to date, high standard, that the company is modern, [..]Workaround to get Windows application to run in a VM/projects/workaround-to-get-windows-application-to-run-in-a-vm/49321This might be a quick easy project for somebody who likes to hack Windows internals.  The non-linear video editing application, Avid Media Composer, used to run in a Windows Virtual Machine. Howe [..]I need an iOS app and need to develop multiple apps/projects/i-need-an-ios-app-and-need-to-develop-multiple-apps/49320We have our own main website platform. In order to promote our main website platform, we need to make a lot of vest apps for a long time, and then guide users into our main website games. Therefore, t [..]need to extract data from 15 websites/projects/need-to-extract-data-from-15-websites/49319Need automatization fro scrapping data fromn 15 websites and put them in my frontend website. This must run regularly every two or thre hours. [..]I need a Cross Platform application developed with Python/projects/i-need-a-cross-platform-application-developed-with-python/49318Python application which, has very little UI. Has internet connection for server access, to retrieve user credentials. This app has the ability to restrict certain user-functions, to simulate and offl [..]New website using Osclass with booking function/projects/new-website-using-osclass-with-booking-function/49317Hi I need New website using Osclass with booking function like this website with the exact functions and fully working.. [..]I Need to Enhance a Shopify Website by Editing the Template/projects/i-need-to-enhance-a-shopify-website-by-editing-the-template/49316Hi, I have the bones of a Shopify Website Created (used the 'Mobilia' tempate by Out of the Sandbox).   However I would like to enhance the look and feel of it considerably and have the perfec [..]Need to develop an iOS app/projects/need-to-develop-an-ios-app/49302  We must first do an application shell for review and approval, and the content of the review is not limited, as long as it can pass! After the success, we will call our API to read the home page [..]I need a cross platform developed. /projects/i-need-a-cross-platform-developed/49300I need a cross platform developed.  This will capture information from a website vanillasoft and put into an email (gmail) and send and repeat.  This will also put captured data into a text [..]Modify Keep Trucking ELD Software/projects/modify-keep-trucking-eld-software/49299Looking for someone who knows how to modify ( jailbreak ) Keep Trucking ELD software  [..]Fortnite ;)/projects/fortnite/49298Hey everyone! So I am needing a Fortnite ESP and AimAssist program for Fortnite. If I could also get what I guess you could call a CritHit for STW that would be great too! I do need it to be Undetecte [..]rotating book cover saved as gif/projects/rotating-book-cover-saved-as-gif/49297The project is to build a gif with bookcover & pages rotating like the example:  red background,  8 gray and white frames rotating in this gif. at:  &nbs [..]App development /projects/app-development/49296Need an app for a startup Objective Be able to take a picture of things and have a data base for clients where the client can access the app and see all his stuff. features - people can send the l [..]Extend PHP bootstrap website functionality with seach an clickable visual charts that filter data/projects/extend-php-bootstrap-website-functionality-with-seach-an-clickable-visual-charts-that-filter-data/49295hi I own and whilst core functionality now works, I want to enhance further for visitors by having the ability to search immediately from landing on the page. or if visi [..]Single Page of Website Redesign - Wordpress/projects/single-page-of-website-redesign-wordpress/49294I need a single page of my website redesigned to make it more functional and visually consistent. The website is for a skate retailer, specifically a custom skateboard builder. There is an existing te [..]Seeking creative developer passionate about writing elegant code/projects/seeking-creative-developer-passionate-about-writing-elegant-code/49293Seeking creative developer passionate about writing elegant code focused on data and algorithms. The project will focus on highlighting the real work behind software development never seen by the end [..]Create Google Business Review through API/projects/create-google-business-review-through-api/49292I need a functionality that utilizes existing Google API to create a Review. 1) From existing Google Sheet take a record containing: Client Name [text] Contact Name [text] Contact E-mail [text] [..]We are looking for IOS developers, UI/UX designers/Fronted Engineers/projects/we-are-looking-for-ios-developers-ui-ux-designers-fronted-engineers/49291Tackling the problem of loneliness in our society.  ** Must Live in NYC (looking for in-house developers)  We are start-up looking to offering consumers new ways of engaging with each oth [..]Portfolio on Wordpress/projects/portfolio-on-wordpress/49290Hello,  i need a very simple stuff on my Wordpress website ( ) On Service (SERVIZI) page i need to create a responsive portfolio instead of the static table. The portfoli [..]Create a Portfolio on Wordpress Website /projects/create-a-portfolio-on-wordpress-website/49289Hello,  i need a very simple stuff on my Wordpress website ( ) On Service (SERVIZI) page i need to create a responsive portfolio instead of the static table. The portfoli [..]i need google adsense account and boost my website traffic/projects/i-need-google-adsense-account-and-boost-my-website-traffic/49288i m looking for a person/team who can help me to get approval from google adsense and get my website traffic. My website : [..]Monte Carlo Ray Tracing Method/projects/monte-carlo-ray-tracing-method/49287i want to develop a code for monte carlo ray tracing for parabolic trough collector.  [..]prototype of mobile app/projects/prototype-of-mobile-app/49286I have a vision of a mobile app that simplifies the way people create new memories with existing friends, while simultaneously allowing them to pattern their days based off the schedules and activitie [..]API code gathering from Parcel Tracking Courier Firms in Turkey/projects/api-code-gathering-from-parcel-tracking-courier-firms-in-turkey/49285Hello, We are a web-based parcel delivery service in Turkey, We are looking for a coder in order to gather the API datas from courier firms parcel tracking systems in Turkey. The [..]Cross-platform app needed - An original version of Solitaire, a one-player card game/projects/cross-platform-app-needed-an-original-version-of-solitaire-a-one-player-card-game/49284Hi, thank you for reviewing this project. I am an artist, writer, and editor in New York City.  Last year, I created an utterly original form of Solitaire, “Escape”.  If yo [..]Mobile and Web based circuit simulation front-end application/projects/mobile-and-web-based-circuit-simulation-front-end-application/49283I am in the process of developing a circuit simulation engine, this is on-going but the foundational interfaces and basic simulation functions have been completed. I need a mobile and web-based front- [..]reminders web app/projects/reminders-web-app/49282I need a web based application for sending SMS and/or Email reminders. Each account created on the web app will be able to connect on multiple google accounts, one account at a time. It will be able t [..]Full Stack Developer needed for fixing and finishing project/projects/full-stack-developer-needed-for-fixing-and-finishing-project/49281Our project is written in PHP using CodeIgniter framework, we need a person to continue development of the site, iOS and Android App all are already 70% finished. Budget is to be negotiated. We are lo [..]Word Documents converted to HTML/projects/word-documents-converted-to-html/49280We would need privacy policy and terms of service word documents converted to HTML. We will provide the terms and privacy policy in multiple languages which will then need to be converted to simple HT [..]ID and notifications cross platform app/projects/id-and-notifications-cross-platform-app/49279I need, to start, the following functionalities in a cross platform mobile app: From user perspective, the user neet to: Be able to load his/her ID and show that is still valid Receive push not [..]Creating themed videosharing website with livestreaming and geolocation. /projects/creating-themed-videosharing-website-with-livestreaming-and-geolocation/49278Website will be themed video sharing website. The plan for the website includes to eventually create an accompanying app to connect with site and its user accounts. [..]Build software to Import Microsoft SQL to QuickBooks /projects/build-software-to-import-microsoft-sql-to-quickbooks/49277  Create a program in .net that can map SQL tables into a QuickBooks format for input into there accounting software. The SQL tables will be supplied by us.   [..]Add-in for Outlook OWA Office 365/projects/add-in-for-outlook-owa-office-365/49276Create an add-in for Outlook OWA (Webmail) in Office 365 that can save e-mail (.eml) and attachments as separate files to a SharePoint Library in Office 365. Example of similar solution: https:/ [..]e-commerce software /projects/e-commerce-software/49275I need to build software for e-commerce to do a search for product info like price, sales rate, and popularity. then list the product on the platform.    [..]