Full-time and part-time developer jobs

Bucuresti, Bucuresti, Romania
Yearly salary $ 150
Posted on Apr 24, 2019
Job ID 25
For details contact me : [email protected] ... read more
Miami, Florida, USA
Posted on Apr 18, 2019
Job ID 24
As a rapidly growing startup, we are constantly in need of extra help. Are you interested in perfecting the way marketing and sales teams find their ideal customers? Come join us! ... read more
London, UK
Yearly salary $ 300
Posted on Apr 13, 2019
Job ID 23
Translation from Fortran 77 to VB.NET of a 2900 line code. It is needed in a week from the start of the works. ... read more
Barranca, Los Almendros, Costa Rica
Yearly salary $ 55,000
Posted on Dec 22, 2018
Job ID 22
Developer WEB ... read more
San Francisco, USA
Yearly salary $ 300,000
Posted on Oct 26, 2018
Job ID 20
For the supporting the Artificial Intelligence Project on outstaffing/outsourcing we need AI ENGINEER (Data Science/Machine Learning Engineer/System Achitect). Only Russian-speakers are required (free conversational Russian) Remote job.Main goals:• Initiate, analyze and implement projects for working with large data processing technologies and machine learning systems• Manage the project team (including the formation of an effective team for the organization)Requirements:Knowledge of technical systems, un ... read more
Singapore, Singapore
Yearly salary $ 24,000
Posted on Oct 12, 2018
Job ID 19
Responsibilities ... read more
N/A, N/A
Yearly salary $ 18,000
Posted on Jun 24, 2018
Job ID 16
For a new application in the Healthcare space we are looking for an experience full stack developer that will be part of a small scrum team. Mandatory experience in: NodeJS, AngularJS 2 (or above), MongoDB Optional experience in: Ionic framework, Push notifications over the web, Socket.IO, JWT/Passport, PWA, Service worker Above all we are looking for a team player that will share from his experience and contribute to the system design. Working is from home.   ... read more
istanbul, kad?köy, Turkey
Yearly salary $ 10,000
Posted on Mar 09, 2018
Job ID 12
- Experience in Javascript development, css, html, ajax etc.. - ASP.Net, - Oracle PL/SQL knowledge is a big plus ... read more
BOULDER, Colorado, United States
Yearly salary $ 40,000
Posted on Feb 14, 2018
Job ID 11
Join us in developing and maintaining our code base targeting cloud connected kiosks running windows 10 and mobile devices. We offer a flexible work environment and schedule, no need to sit in front of your computer when there is fresh snow in the mountains! 20-25 Hrs a week is what we need, of quality result oriented development. ... read more
Texas, United State
Yearly salary $ 60,000
Posted on Feb 14, 2018
Job ID 10
We are currently looking for an exceptional Customer Service freelancer (*remote  and working from home okay*) who is skilled in customer service administration/debt collection and can manage a database of over 1000 -2000 people. You must have good relational skill and well trained in the arts of communication, proficient in English language and has a computer base knowledge. Acting as a brand ambassador and deliver best-in-class customer/collec ... read more